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1404 Tolland Turnpike, Manchester, CT
(860) 646-7993   [email protected]

Welcome to The Academy!

Join our family for fun, fitness and community! We are dedicated to empowering children, teens, and adults through programs that strive for higher achievement and personal development through Martial Arts.

Come check out our new training facility in person or virtually using our 3D walkthrough!

3D walkthrough of our new facility!

Classes for Everyone!

Programs & Classes

DaeHanMoodo: Youth & Adult Martial Arts

Earn a Black Belt in a traditional martial art based on the mighty combinations of Taekwondo, Hapkido and Judo. Taekwondo, the popular new Olympic event, is known for its powerful kicking and striking techniques. Hapkido is a highly sophisticated martial art based on mirroring and redirecting an opponent's energy. Joint manipulation, pressure points, and circular motion are the characteristic tools of Hapkido. Judo is an age-old art that is best summed up in the axiom 'maximum effect for minimum effort.' Here we learn to use our bodies leverage to overcome our opponents both while standing and on the ground. More than just a system of self-defense, our program becomes a way of life, which promotes social responsibility, inner harmony, physical health and personal excellence. All of this is accomplished in a positive atmosphere of excitement and fun. A tremendous development program for children too!

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After School Program

Looking for an after school program that improves your child's health, grades, confidence, focus, respect, leadership skills and self-esteem? Our program does that and more, providing transportation, homework time and help, character building activities, and, of course, martial arts!

Examples of our character building program include becoming "bully proof", defense against strangers, public speaking, anger management and other life skills.  Send us a message or give us a call for more information!

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Jedi & Ninja Training

Finally! You don’t need to go to a galaxy far, far away to learn how to be a Jedi! With the Academy’s NEW “Train Like a Jedi” Program, you will learn all of the skills of a Jedi: martial arts, acrobatics, meditation, superior physical fitness and sword-fighting, while having TONS of fun!

Our program is based on actual martial arts and teaches skills that you can use to protect yourself or someone else. Add in acrobatics and trampolining and you'll be moving, flipping and flying like a real Jedi! Plus, we will teach you how to use a saber, starting with the strong foundational skills of strikes and footwork. Soon, you will be able to wield your weapon in a duel with other students so well, you’d make a Jedi Master proud!

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Lil' Super Heroes

Prepare your Preschooler for their first steps with the Academy's Lil' Heroes Program.  Does your little hero need a safe space to burn energy, develop balance and coordination, and learn listening and social skills?  Our lil' super heroes program is the perfect place for them!

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Cardio Kickboxing

Cardio-kickboxing has swept the nation because it takes the excitement, music, and energy of an aerobics class but you're learning self-defense techniques like punching, blocking, and kicking in an action packed workout. No belts, no uniforms, and no physical contact. It's one of the most fun ways to get into shape ever! And best of all - you make your own schedule - come to as many classes you want - whenever you want!

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"The way of harmonic energy", Hapkido is a highly sophisticated martial art, based on mirroring and redirecting an opponents "Ki" or energy. Joint manipulation, pressure points and circular motion are the characteristic tools of Hapkido. Hapkido teaches that we must protect our opponent as well as ourselves; ideally we must endeavor to immobilize an act of aggression without injury to the attacker or the attacked.

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Hi there - my son had a really bad day at school yesterday and when he came out of class last night his words were: "Thanks for bringing me to class mom. I feel so much better. I had a lot of pent up energy and feel better. I will behave in school better tomorrow." Really awesome words from a 10 year old!!!

Ms. S, Academy Parent

"Since I stepped in AMA [Academy of Martial Arts] I began to grow into a different person. The support, guidance and friendship from AMA have probably changed me the most [...]. Taekwondo has really helped me become mentally, physically, and academically successful and allowed me to live up to my full potential."

Kay G., Teen

"I have [...] learned to focus harder and to try new things I have never done before. I use [these skills] at school to stay focused and confident."

Alexander G., Junior Taekwondo


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