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Ninja Warrior Training

Become a Ninja Warrior

All skill levels welcome!

We have a variety of fun and challenging obstacles to use as you work on your ninja skills. From rings, to ropes, to vaults, and so much more, you'll always have something new to work on. Training to be a ninja warrior is a great way to get stronger, gain flexibility, learn how to fail, and have tons of fun while doing so.

Core components


Ropes, rings, nets, rock climbing


Balance beams, obstacle courses, martial arts


Vaulting, trampolining, parkour

Ninja Warrior @ The Academy

We're not a traditional ninja gym, because we've got so much more to offer.  Our ninja classes are part of our Jedi Training Class where on top of all of the traditional ninja work such as parkour and strength exercises, we also include self-defense and dueling.  All of these together provide for a well-rounded class that will improve your athleticism while being loads of fun.  To learn more about becoming a ninja at the Academy check out our Jedi Warrior Training class.

Learn more about Jedi Warrior Training

What's training like?

A great workout

Tired of boring gym workouts? Ninja training will give you a full-body workout while having fun! Instead of dreading gym classes, come join us and get a great workout while learning ninja skills!

Lots of apparatuses

We've got lots of different apparatuses - from rings to ropes to vaulting boxes to trampolines and more.  You'll always have new skills to learn and will never be bored!

Supportive environment

Whether you're already a high-flying ninja or whether you've never been in a gym before, our instructors will work with you at your level to help you achieve your goals.  We've got classes for adults and kids, so come on down and we'll help you get flying!

Sound fun? Come and join our Jedi Warrior Training class!

Learn more about Jedi Warrior Training

Come check us out at our new 12,000 sq ft facility.  

The largest martial art training facility in New England!

1404 Tolland Turnpike, Manchester, CT 06042

For more information, give us a call or send us an email!

phone: (860) 646-7993

email: [email protected]